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8.3Laura Stewart Jordan

Criminal Defense Attorney | Augusta, Aiken, and the CSRA

Augusta and Aiken’s Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Augusta, Evans, Grovetown, or Aiken, then you need a local expert to help navigate the legal process and to protect yourself, your family, and your future. Laura Jordan is an experienced and respected criminal defense attorney in Augusta, Georgia who represents residents, visitors, military personnel, and students in Richmond, Columbia, Burke, and Aiken counties.

Laura is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Augusta Bar Association, the Aiken County Bar Association and an active member of the CSRA legal community.

Laura specializes in a wide range of criminal defense areas including felony offenses, misdemeanors, DUI's, drug and alcohol offenses, and juvenile criminal cases. If you're looking for an Augusta based criminal defense attorney who you can trust, then schedule your free consultation today.

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Theft, burglary, armed robbery, possession of stolen property, aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder are all charges that can carry lengthy jail or prison sentences. Even when no jail or prison time is imposed, a felony conviction will still have a huge impact on your life, affecting your reputation and future employment options. In handling your case, experienced felony criminal defense attorney Laura S. Jordan will evaluate all of the evidence and all aspects of the prosecution's case to expose where your constitutional rights may have been violated.  Additionally, she will file all of the necessary motions and implement all necessary legal strategies to reduce or reverse your charges and to obtain the best possible outcome for you. 


Shoplifting, traffic offenses, criminal trespass, simple assault or battery, domestic violence, and drug possession are all types of misdemeanor offenses for which you can be charged. While misdemeanor offenses generally do not carry significant jail or prison time, misdemeanor convictions can still significantly impact your life. Laura understands this and employs the same strategies as she does in her felony criminal cases to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Let the experience and tenacity of one of Augusta’s best misdemeanor criminal defense attorneys put your mind at ease.


Being charged or convicted of DUI can have life-altering consequences. As a former prosecutor, Laura understands the evidentiary hearings, motions to suppress evidence, probable cause standards, and search and seizure law that are often at the forefront of DUI cases.  Whether your DUI was in Aiken County, Columbia County, or Richmond County, you can rest assured that experienced DUI attorney Laura S. Jordan will use her experience to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. 


Under state and federal law, you can be charged with possession, production, distribution, or trafficking in drugs. In Augusta, these offenses can carry a wide range of penalties including fines and prison sentences. Leveraging her criminal defense experience, drug lawyer Laura S. Jordan will thoroughly evaluate your case to ensure that law enforcement did not violate your constitutional rights.  If you struggle with addiction, Laura will explore rehabilitation programs and alternative sentencing options to find solutions that are best for you and your future.


Are you the parent or guardian of a juvenile who has been charged with a crime? Set up a free consultation with juvenile lawyer Laura S. Jordan today and find out how she can help. As a former prosecutor in Juvenile Court, Laura understands the Juvenile Court system and will use that knowledge to obtain the best possible outcome for your son or daughter. 


Traffic violations, while common, can create long term consequences for you and your family. Traffic convictions can add points to your driving record, increase your auto insurance rates, and in some cases come with jail time. Avoid the headache of traffic court and contact Laura S. Jordan today. Laura is an experienced litigator in Richmond, Columbia, Burke, and Aiken counties who will help you achieve the best possible results. Before paying a traffic ticket or pleading guilty to traffic charges, contact traffic lawyer Laura S. Jordan to see how she can help you.

An Image of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of which Laura S. Jordan is a member.

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